martes, 12 de enero de 2010

The satisfied human with his sexual life

A recent study makes clear that the human feel satisfied with his sexual life, and today we leave you the surprising conclusions that have been gathered.

We are opened for the opinion of the readers, but … it smells something badly in this work, because I you bet what queráis that you do the same survey to friends and acquaintances and the results are not so good.

Because we are going to see, would someone say to a stranger for the street that his sexual life stinks? - and more if it is of the opposite sex-. In end, in the same way as there are works and trustworthy studies, this one particularly smells us scorching:

The great majority of the population - 88 % of the men and 84 % of the women - says to feel satisfied with his sexual life, though to the males it would like to support relations with more frequency. This way it is clear of the first National Survey on sexual health that it has elaborated the Observatory of Health of the Woman (OSM) in collaboration with the Center of Sociological Investigations (CIS).

viernes, 8 de enero de 2010

Flirting Tips On How To Flirt

Most flirting tips on how to flirt will always advice you to develop your personality so that you become interesting to our people, especially the opposite gender. This means overcoming your shyness and letting your true self shine through.

Flirting is about becoming a leader without being obvious. This means that you have to learn to lead the way and you can do that honing your conversation skills so that you can lead the conversation. This means you will have to be interesting and amusing at the same time. Read as many things as you can lay your hands on so that you hold interesting conversation on different topics.

Nothing works better than compliments. Every man and woman likes to hear nice things about himself or herself. Make sure that you original lines to praise and compliment a person you are flirting with. However, work on delivering the compliments in a genuine manner so that they are believable.

jueves, 7 de enero de 2010

How To Seduce A Man

The art of how to seduce a man begins with flirting. This is a technique used for centuries by women to get a man into bed. Flirting can be a caress, a smile or direct eye contact. Flirting shows the man that you are interested in him. However, be careful when you are flirting. Do not go overboard. Seducing a man means giving him feelers and that is what flirting should do. Send out the right signals to tell the man you will not reject his advances. Flirting essentially ends up setting the groundwork for the man to woe you.

How to seduce a man is not just physical. You should know how to get into his mind. Men love attention especially from a woman. Seducing a man means reading his body language and looking for subtle signs. Give the man attention and you will definitely see the interest right away. This means you are one step closer to seducing him.

Playing hard to get is good to a certain extent and is all part of seducing. A man usually loves the challenge of getting a woman who is difficult. However, do not go overboard with it. Once you know that the man is keen on taking up your offer, make sure you establish your motive so that you and the man understand each other completely. Once this is done, your seduction is near complete.

miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

How to stop doing the wrong things

When a woman begins to feel a romantic connection with you, she faces an interesting problem...

How can she tell for sure if you're character and personality are the way you're expressing them?

As we all know, men and women BOTH show off and exaggerate their "good sides" while downplaying and hiding their negative traits at first. This is why men suck in their guts, brag, and show off... and why women wear makeup, do their hair, and shop all day for their clothes.

If you were a woman, and you needed to figure out if a man was showing you his "true self", how would you do it?

What if you had to know FOR SURE?

The only way is to TEST on an ongoing basis, and to keep escalating the tests to be sure.

Put all this together (with a bunch of other factors that I don't have time to talk about) and you get an interesting problem that women face...