martes, 22 de diciembre de 2009

Breaking up is always more difficult for one person than it is for the other

I'll break up the guy that I've been dating for the past couple of months. We had an incident where he was late for a date and I was pissed off about it and he called me impatient.
He called me yesterday to discuss the issue in what I believe was a let me down easy speech. Now he never officially said that he was dumping me because whenever I asked he never said anything. He said that he didn't want to bring me into his lifestyle.

Surviving breakup

Most people experience this at some point or another. Even the most well-meaning of us can be late for a date.

But in this day and age of cell phones, a quick courtesy call is in order to keep emotions in check. It appears you really wanted to remain in this relationship, that even though you were upset, you didn't want to break up over this.

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